Our training at Situational Awareness Firearms Education, LLC is broken down into Three Sections.

  • Part A: 8 hours which include a Lecture on Handgun Safety, Law review, In Home defense and Concealed Carry Issues.
  • Part B: 4 hours that covers the State & Federal Law, FOID card ACT, Illinois Concealed Carry Act.
  • Part C: 4 hours of Gun Handling, Holster use followed by the Live Fire Range Qualification.

Note: The above listed Classes can be taken in any order.

Part A and B are classroom, so you might want to bring a notebook for notes.

Part C is classroom and range- you will need a Firearm, Holster, Eye and Ear Protection and 100 rounds of ammunition. The firearm does not have to be the one you plan to carry, but the Illinois State Police say it must Be a “concealable” firearm.

All prior credit is taken from Part A
Everyone MUST  take Part B and C


Part A: $60.00 (First 8 hours)

Part B & C: $120.00

Situational Awareness Firearms Education, LLC reserves the right to cancel any classes if we do not have 6 people registered one week before the class date. If we cancel class you will have a option to register for a future class or receive a refund.

If you need to cancel or reschedule a class, you must call Steve at 1-847-922-4052

The class cancellation/reschedule policy is:

Cancellation / Reschedule of a class up to one week prior to the class is $25.00

Cancellation / Reschedule of a class up to one week to the day of the class is $50.00

Absolutely no Refunds after a class has been Taken